For the Love of Spreadsheets

K. and I love spreadsheets. Really, we love organized lists, neat boxes, calculations, tabs, color-coding, that only we can understand…ok, sometimes only one of us! But still, we LOVE spreadsheets!

So, as I was getting my daily dose of and they offered this: “Here’s a gift-planning template from
I nearly jumped out of my desk chair! You mean to tell me that someone took our obsession for spreadsheets and combined it with the need to stay organized and under budget during the holiday season? Consider me swept off my feet.

Check it out and you will be swooning too, all the way to the mall and the bank! (yes, those two in the very same sentence…be still my heart!)

Thanks DailyWorth and LifeHacker!
Dream Big.
Photo Courtesy of Life of LDN