Gaining a New Perspective

A few weeks ago my best friend was engaged to a guy she has dated for years – we all knew it was coming and were just waiting for him to pop the question! He pulled off a huge event in asking her and really surprised her, when normally there is no surprising Brianna…she was thrilled and immediately went to work on the planning.

Being her best friend, I of course have been along for the ride the last few weeks – and what a time it has been. I’ve been blessed to experience this with Brianna from the very beginning…literally, the same night she got the ring.

It’s been a unique experience and one I have learned a lot from in only 3 weeks. It opened my eyes to the fact that (obviously) not everyone knows how to plan a wedding, and even the simple things can seam difficult to some…Although in my mind I know the timeline of what needs to be done and the paths we need to cross, I’ve realized, more clearly, that this timeline is not known to all and it’s my job, as a good planner, to explain and guide them in the right direction.

It’s also opened my eyes to seeing the wedding from the bride’s perspective more clearly. I think this experience is definitely going to make me a better planner as it’s allowed me to really think through the planning, think through the details and figure out how to present it all in a way that doesn’t overwhelm, but also informs the bride of the entire process.

Since I think I was born I’ve had notepads, pens, school and office supplies, folders, calendars…every tool possible to be organized, planned and detailed. I was born with the tools to be a planner and I’m so excited to be sharing my gift with my clients and now my best friend.
This new years I’m so thankful for this new perspective I’ve gained and I can’t wait to gain more insight and become better at a job I love.

Happy New Year!!

Continue to Elevate,