Get Inspired…Now!

K. and I are constantly going Oooh and Ahhh over things we see, hear, read about it, experience, smell taste. Life is full of inspiration if you are in the mood to be inspired. Creativity truly begets creativity. The more I write and read and plan, the more I am inspired to do the same.

What inspires you?

I often laugh at K., mainly because she is actually quite funny, but because when ever she needs a healthy dose of inspiration she hits the pavement, not “Cops” style, I mean she goes for a run. She clears her head of all distractions, blinking emails, chirping tweets, ringing phones and just runs. I don’t know if it’s the solitude that lets her mind think and so ideas can more clearly flow or if its what she sees and hears when she is out there for so darn long (the girl can run) that lights up the bulb, but for K. it works well.

Running, well, lets just say it doesn’t have that same effect on me. I am more of a read everything around me, look at what everyone else is doing and talking about and using. A picture, a song on the radio, a cool event I just attended – now I am ready to create. I have lists everywhere, folders of things I have torn out, clipped and saved to look at again and do something with at a later date. I love the chance to remix. To take the known and make it new again, spin it.

Get Inspired. Share your inspiration. This is how the cycle continues.

Dream Big, Inspire us all.