Get Served!

I went out to eat the other night and had the best server ever! We had gone to Islands, a local fast serve burger joint close to where we live. This is by no means an upscale establishment, but the service we received from Michelle, our waitress, (big shout outs), was five-star for sure.

As I was once a server at this very restaurant, almost 10 years ago, it made me think about all I had learned about customer service since then. And I realized, (brace yourself for the oncoming cliché), I learned it all from being a waitress.

When one is serving food they are not only a server, they are a project manager, an entertainer, an event planner, a quality assurance administrator and a customer service extraordinaire. It is there job to juggle multiple guests’ needs at one time and ensure that everyone not only receives their exact order but enjoys themselves while they are out.

No one is concerned with how stressed the server is, how many orders have gone in at once or need to go out at the same time. Guests, or if I am to apply this to any industry, clients, only care about their personal service. They only see what happens with and for them. And quite frankly, that is all they should see. They don’t need to see the kitchen, the flames, the cooks; they came for and expect “the magic.”

The Magic is the ultimate key behind customer service. It is the ability to make it all look easy and flawless and bring it all together beautifully so that the guest never has to question how it happened, it just was always perfect! There is no need to share your stress or anxiety with them. Allow your guest to enjoy all the magic and you take the heat.

And another cliché coming at you…if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

If you are truly looking to wow your clients and raise the level of your customer service, be the best server you can be. Exceed all expectations and never ever let them see you sweat. Show them the magic, not the kitchen.

What are your secrets to customer services success?

Dream Big.