Get Some Action.

A call to action that is!

Whether you are writing an email, talking on the phone, twittering to the universe, blogging, hosting an event or running a campaign you must always have a call to action.

What is a call to action, you ask. Great question.

A call to action is offering your readers, listeners, friends, colleagues, and followers an opportunity to DO SOMETHING! You are giving them an idea of what there next step should be. After you have surely wowed them with your presentation or authentically empowered them to want to do more you have to let them know what that more is.

Capitalize on the energy and enthusiasm you have worked so hard to create and give people a place to put it. Offer them a website to visit, a place to donate time or goods, a request to pass along information or referrals, heck just ask them to call you back. But give them something to do! (Believe it or not most people do like to be told what to do or at least given options of what to do, if you leave it up to them to figure out what you would like them to do you will inevitably be waiting for a very, very long time.)

Now, here is my call to action for you. After each piece of communication you have today, a phone call, email, text, meeting, pitch, tweet…end it with a call to action. Incite your own community to DO SOMETHING! See what results you get and let me know all about them.

Dream Big. Act big.