Intertwined Events is partnering with Cal Coast Fitness to bring to you the ways in which to get fit and lead a healthy life – doesn’t hurt since beach season(and weddingseason!!)is quickly approaching! Below we debunk the dieting myths that are keeping you from losing weight:

1. Eating Low-Fat: Stop buying foods that are marked as low-fat or fat-free. They only save you a few calories, but replace harmless carbohydrates with low performing ones that cause a sugar rush then a rebound hunger.

2. Eating Free Restaurant Food: It isn’t free, you will pay for these breadsticks, chips, and biscuits in excessive calories and fats!

3. Skipping Meals: Skipping meals has the reverse effect of what people think it does; it actually increases your odds of obesity – especially skipping breakfast. Skipping meals slows your metabolism and boost hunger that puts your body into prime fat-storage mode.

4. Eat Off Small Plates: When you opt for a large plate while eating it translates to more food, more calories, and more body fat. Keep servings in check by choosing smaller serving dishes.

5. Eating Too Late: Eating after 8PM does not provide your body with enough time to digest food properly; therefore it is too busy burning off a big meal while you sleep than flab!

For more tips, check out Cal Coasl Fitness’ 20 Habits That Make You Fat! Let us know how you are getting fit this year?!


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