Let’s face it, when you work from home it is extremely easy to let your space get out of control. We have a few tips to re-claim your space and make it work for you!

Storage is key, everything should have its own place. If you tend to leave papers all around, set up a filing system in which you place loose papers into various sections like “To-Do” or “To Be Filed”; and after something is finished move it to a sleek filing cabinet. Using a bulletin board can help you stay organized with the tasks at hand, and if you forget what is next on your list, all you have to do is look up!

Invest in good office furniture. In order to do your best work, you need a space that is condusive to it; purchasing a desk with adequate space for a computer, printer, and cords is a must! Also, a proper desk chair will help eliminate discomfort while working!

After getting organized, once a week make it a point to completely clear off your desk top, discard anything you no longer need, and put everything else where it goes!

Lastly, make the space your own, there is no one-way to organize, do what works best for you and your life! And a little pretty. If you like how it looks you are way more likely to spend quality time there!!

How are you getting organized this New Year?!


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