Every woman has been found guilty of lugging a huge handbag around that is filled to the brim and extremely heavy. And then… can never find her keys or phone when she needs them! To organize your bag, you need to start with the dump; dump the purse’s entire contents onto a table and start sorting. Throw away any trash, we know – it stores up in there, and start sorting things into piles.

Only put the essentials in the keep pile, that means thinks like one, yes we said one, pen, wallet, phone, and lip gloss!

You should not be carrying all of your makeup in your handbag, opt for the essentials like cover-up, powder, and a lip-gloss and put them into a little zippered bag to keep items from leaking or spilling into your bag.

In addition, loose change can cause excess clutter and weight to your bag. Every week, pull out the loose change and put it in a piggy-bank or vase and then take it in to be cashed at a local grocery store for the little splurge you have been eyeing! You will be surprised at the amount of money you have sitting at the bottom of your bag!

So, what is your best kept secret for keeping your handbag clutter free and light as a feather?


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