Google it, OR…

Yes, Google is big and so widely used that it has become a verb. But, what if there are other search engines out there that could give us of more of what we need, when we need it? Here is a list of specialized search engines for when “google it!” is just too general.

True it only searches blog content and while it won’t return the depth of results of Google or Yahoo, Technorati will give you some great new reading material and let you know who others are following and the common public opinion on the given topic of your choice.

Ripped from the headlines! Alltop literally takes “Whats happening now” from the best sites and blogs and posts the 5 most updated headlines for information by topic A-Z. Search Apples to Zoology and everything in between by current event. This is a great source to update your reading list on your favorite topics or industry.

The most comprehensive people search on the web Pipl helps you become a better stalker than just Facebook alone. This search engine will dig deep in the databases and documents that aren’t normally combed by your average search engine to help you find that long lost friend, or, lets be honest, your ex from freshman year.

Now, if you have no idea what you are trying to search for but its right on the tip of your tongue, Quintura is your guide. If you can see it, they will find it. It will give you a guide of related terms or topics and search clouds to help direct you or remind you of that lost or forgotten item.

And in a world where we live by the latest “App” …yep, there is an app for that too, or well at least a darn good search engine for it. Go2Web20 allows you to search a huge database of millions of applications by topic. In fact, the idea I had been throwing around for my next website…oh yep, there is already an app for that ( – thank me later for this one!) Oh well, on to my next brilliant idea to make a million dollars.

Dream Big. Search Big.