Grab Some Coffee!

My latest indulgence…my friends. Really, I could not be more serious. (You thought I was going to say coffee!) I have taken every opportunity I have been given over the last month to simply reach out to friends, past and present. It has proven to be the most rewarding experience I have had in a very long time.

But, it doesn’t have to be the cumbersome task you are imagining. I am not flipping through yearbooks, or thumbing through an old rolodex or hashing up years of high school no one wants to remember. Its as easy as sending a quick (and genuine) note on Facebook or Linked In to a connection that says “How are you? I would love to catch up over coffee.”

Instead of just adding friends to these social networks, just to increase your following or occasionally virtually stalk people to keep tabs, why not actually catch up. I have gone to lunch, coffee, or just emailed with at least 10 friends over the last month and it has been so delightful to hear their happiness, triumphs, and to know how hard they are working, just like I am, to reach their dreams. Some of us have even found ways to help each other reach those goals together, rekindling all those amazing reasons why we were such great friends or enjoyed each other’s company so many years ago.

Try it. Send a note to a good friend from the past and see what happens. Let us know!

Dream Big.