Green Meetings – The New Way to Plan

It’s a trend everywhere we look – how do we reduce our carbon footprint? What is “green” and how do I be “green”? Am I using a sustainable item or is it non-recyclable waste?

Well, going green is not just in our houses and offices, but it’s in the hospitality industry. It’s in the meetings and events industry and it’s growing stronger and stronger on a daily basis.

So lets touch on a number of things you can do TODAY to make your next event, meeting or party a little bit greener!

1.) Include recycle trash bins in your meeting or party room. Most people are used to recycling and won’t think twice about putting their bottles, cans and paper in the appropriate bins.

2.) Do all of your communication electronically – sign your contracts and scan them over instead of mailing them, review your BEOs online, take a look at your RFPs in an email instead of printing, send out registration on-line through Starcite or Evite.

3.) Recycle name badges or signage

4.) Order buffet meals instead of plated meals

5.) Use china in place of Styrofoam…did you know it takes over 500 years for a piece of Styrofoam to decompose?

Think about it – you can make a difference by changing just one thing…so go out there and do it!

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