It would seem that the men’s outfits should be the easiest, but that is not always the case!Couples are no longer sticking with the tried-and-true traditional look of tuxes and are nowexpandingwith options that range from tailored suits, to colorful socks and ties, tolaid back linen.

For a formal wedding, we still love the groom and the groomsmen in a sleek dark colored three-piecetux! This look screams traditional romanticism; however, you can still add a perfect pop of color with the tie!

For a fun look that adds a touch of whimsy forthose semi-formal weddings, we LOVE groomsmen in just their vest and then the groom in the vest and jacket! This allows for a really unique look that allows for a special differentiation between the groom and the groomsmen! Or add a hat to kick up the cute factor!

Nothing is more perfect for a casual beach wedding than a beautiful linen pant and a white button down!

Pick a great look for the men at your wedding so that they can feel as handsome as you feel beautiful!


The Ladies of Intertwined Events