Happiness is…

I have been following the Happiness Project for a couple of months now as part of my New Year’s resolution to be more zen-like. In other words I am working to focus on that which makes me happy, tranquil and at peace with who I am and where I am at.

So many people, so often, are focused on the negative – what they don’t have, can’t do or what went wrong. Its so limiting and, well, negative. If we spent even half that time focusing on what makes us happy, imagine how wonderful our days would be and how much more we could accomplish simply because we believed it possible.

Thanks to the encouragement of the Happiness Project, I am going to dedicate my Friday posts (ok every other Friday, as K. has the other ones!) to something each week, big or small, important or not, that has made me happy. I hope you will also share with us here, what is making you happy. Afterall, if laughter is contagious, happiness must be too.

Happiness is…all of K. and my accomplishments this week to move our business forward from proposals, to media to vendor relations…we were unstoppable and it makes me very happy.

What is happiness for you?

Dream Big.