Happiness is…Family Ties

I attended my beautiful cousin’s bridal shower last weekend. First it was lovely to just go to an event and enjoy it as a guest! But the true happiness that day came from being with the many generations of our family that were gathered in the room. From our 94-year-old nona (must be all that garlic!) tothe 64-year-oldaunties tothe 24-year-old cousins-it was every generation ofthe beautiful, strong, (loud) proud, smart and successful women in my family all in one room. They are alldifferent, all beautiful and talented in their own right and I amlucky to call each and every one family.

Sometimes, in the midst of a wedding, it is easy to lose sightofwhatis sospecial about a marriage…the choice of two people declaring their love for one another in front of theirloved ones-their family and friends. I am honored to share in my cousin’s happiness as she deservesa lifetime filled with it!

Happiness is sharing the most specialmoments with family.

Dream Big.