Happiness is…A day in bed!

Last Sunday I somehow found myself with no commitments – no where I had to be, nothing I had to do. I don’t think I have had a day like this in, well, ever. My mom and I had spent Friday and Saturday together for Mother’s Day so I had fulfilled all duties there. I had run all errands that were necessary and was caught up “enough” for the week ahead.

Without a to-do list in sight, I decided to spend the entire day in bed! It was pure bliss. I watched the Food Network, “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days,” read “LA Candy” by LC (yes, I actually have and read that book and must admit – it was quite entertaining and perfect for a lazy day in bed!), painted my nails and finally flipped through the stack of magazines that was threatening to become a new end table.

I had such a relaxing, rested day and felt so invigorated and inspired the following morning to take on the week. I just hope I remember how great it felt to just give myself a day off and enjoy the simple pleasures of life along with all the awesome benefits of recharging.

Happiness is a guilt free day of getting nothing done and enjoying every moment of it!

Have you treated yourself to a day-off lately?

Dream Big.