Happiness Is…Hot Yoga!

And yes, its REALLY HOT! Katie and I had spent an entire day running all over Orange County for meetings, consultations and shopping for amazing décor for an upcoming shoot. We could not have been more tired by the end of the day, when Katie turns to me and says, “Come to Hot Yoga with me.” Um, what? No, I want to take a nap. But, alas, she convinced me that it would make me happy!

And, after all the sweat, stretching, poses I can’t pronounce and more sweating, I was, indeed, happy. I felt detoxified, centered, flexible and oh, did I mention, sweaty! It was so great to take time away from our crazy schedules to spend some quality friend and fitness time. In having a business, sometimes the friendship gets put on the back burner. But our friendship has made this business and makes it enjoyable to work so hard, everyday. Thus, it deserves to move much farther up on the To-Do List.

Happiness this week was Hot Yoga with my best friend (and business partner).

What makes you Happy?!

Dream Big.