Happiness is…Just getting it done!

Do you know why lists are so gratifying, not because they are neat and organized, not because they collect all of your thoughts, but because they are instant gratification the second you can cross something off! It screams “I AM DONE!” or “I HAVE ACCOMPLISHED THIS!” It’s such a relief.

But, what happens when you don’t take on that list or that one project that has been looming over you. It grows bigger and bigger in your mind becoming a beast you just can’t seem to tackle. I challenge you today to take one item that has been on your list for more than a week (heck more than a month) and just decide to do it this weekend. Just do it. No excuses, no reasons why not, just clear your calendar and get to it. I guarantee the sense of accomplishment, freedom and yes happiness from having to not worry about that task will be truly exhilarating and may even motivate you to get a few more things done while you are at it.

And, of course, you know I will be right there with you. I am vowing to tackle the dresser and closet this weekend. THEY ARE A MESS. And they make my day-to-day so much more stressful because they are not as neat, clean and organized as I would like them.

Happiness is just getting it done!

Dream Big.