Happiness is…THE KINDLE!

Ok, I am what Chris Brogan and the like would call a late adopter. I just got my first Ipod (and it was a Nano) last summer. I don’t own a Wii or any other gaming console for that matter. And, with the exception of being quick/early to blogging and twitter (I am what you would call a social butterfly, in any form!), I am usually the last one of my friends to feel the pull, need, absolute desire to have the latest and greatest tech toy.

So laugh as you must that I am just now jumping on the Kindle bandwagon…but man this thing is COOL! I love to read. I can consume an entire novel in a day if you let me. And now I have multiple books, in a portable format. Oh and do you know what that means for my poor, already overfilled one-bedroom apartment?!? No more trying to stuff another book into an-about-to-teeter-over-bookshelf! I feel a bit more economical and green about going Kindle too. (Can you use it in sentence like that? Like I said, I am still new to this!) All the books and subscriptions on Kindle are usually at a reduced rate and there is no waste of paper for discarded book or mag at the end.

I have read three books just this week and can finally contribute to the conversations my friends have been having about the latest and greatest book they read! Heck at this rate, I might even join one of those…what do you call them…oh, right BOOK CLUBS! (What up Oprah!)

Needless to say, happiness for me this week (and I might venture to say for many more weeks to come) is the Kindle.

PS: Did I mention you can highlight text and make notes in the “margin” and send text you like to your facebook and twitter accounts. And, as commercial go, I happen to think theirs are adorable!

Dream Big.