Happiness is…The Real Deal!

My parents just returned from a trip to Rome. Yes, I am jealous beyond words as Rome is my absolute favorite city in the world and once I finally buy myself Rosetta Stone and learn to speak Italian I will move there, at once!
To ease my pain of not accompanying them to the most incredible place on the planet, they brought me back goodies (best parents ever!!) I was treated to…

A large bottle of Dolce and Gabbana perfume (it just smells better when it was actually purchased in Italy), a blessed medal of Pope John Paul II (when you are Catholic in Rome a religious relic is a must) and last but definitely not least truffle infused olive oil and a block of parmesan cheese. The best part…the cheese is actually from Parma! I DIE! It tastes unreal! Please put down the green, pre-grated kraft imposter that tastes like shaved crayon. You have not lived until you have had Italian cheese from Italy.

My happiness this week came from using authentic, quality ingredients where I could see, smell and best of all, TASTE, the difference! What brought you happiness this week? When have you allowed yourself the luxury of the REAL DEAL instead of the knock off?

Dream Big.