Happy Easter from Intertwined Events!

It is most definitely a day to celebrate the beauty of Spring. In many religions, the spring represents a period of rebirth from the harsh winter as flowers bloom anew and the sun comes out from behind the clouds. The sentiment of hope that Easter brings is captured beautifully in Psalms 129:8 and we share it with you today…

The sleepy colors of winter

Fade fast in the dawn of


The joy of Easter’s promise,

Delivers sweet reason to


Refreshed from her snowy


Mother Earth exalts her


In a colorful burst of glory,

She blazons her wondrous


Renew your spirit, refresh

Your soul,

Rejoice with all humankind.

Celebrate life everlasting.

Peace and wonder are

Yours to find.

Happy Easter,
The Ladies of Intertwined

• Photo credit: Jasmine Star Photography