Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to the dads we cherish: the dads who taught us to be strong and stand-up for ourselves, the dads who supported us through everything and never passed judgment, the dadswho arealways proud of us and are even more proud of the people that we have become, the dads who kissed our boo-boos and still pick us up when we fall, the dads who always have a strong shoulder to lean on, the dads who always know how to make us laugh, tothe dads we love.

Happy Father’s Day to the men who have made us the people we are today!Thank you!

Introducing the Father’sbehind Intertwined Events:

Left: Katie & her Dad, Top Right: Meghan’s Dad, Bottom Right: Lauren and Her Dad

Whether it is your father, grandfather, or a father figure, tell the special man in your life that you love them and treasure everything they have done for you.

Happy Father’s Day!
The Ladies of Intertwined Events!