Happy Mother’s Day!

To my hero, my confidant,soother, sounding board, toughest critic and biggest fan – this day is for you!

Mom, thank you for it all! Thank you for telling me to get back in the game (soccer,business, life, etc), no matter what. Thank you for always believing that I could literally do anything, at any moment. Thank you for loving my friends as much as I do. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves, ready to help withwhatever we need forCamp!Thank you for instilling in me pride – for who I am, where Icame from, and where I am trying to go!

Ma, there truly is no one more fabulous than you! Nor anyone than can make a more fabulous cupcake, meatball or martini!

And to all the mothers who have helped us all to become the women (and men!) we are today, thank you for your selflessness and unconditional love.

What about your mom are you most thankful for?

Dream Big.