HELP! I need an office makeover!

I moved into my new place in late April and have loved every minute of it…everything is beautiful and with the help of my step mom and my boyfriend’s mom, we have really out done ourselves with the decorations. Well, that is in every room except for my office. I work out of my home and have a lovely space with a nice window and a large walk in closet. Currently, I have my desk, a dresser and chest in the room, but there is a huge gapping space, no color except black and none of it reflects my personality…well, besides my Weekend Getaway Thank You picture from 2007!

Today, I ran across this blog post from Decor8 and I FELL IN LOVE with the new office of Papaya! Just look at it…the front desk wood cut outs, the beautiful curtains in every room, the fantastic seating…I just love it all!

They have inspired me to finally do something with the office…I think I would feel a lot more inspired and motivated if my office actually looked beautiful and creative! Now, if I had the money I would first hire Bryn Alexandra – you have to check out her blog…she is fabulous! And then I would buy what she and I collaborated on, and work, work, work in my new inspired workspace!

What about you…what do you need in your office to be inspired? Have you tried the bright walls and flashy prints that are “in” this season??

Continue to Elevate. (And Decorate!)