History isn’t boring when Jay-Z is giving the lesson…

“I am the only writer to re-write history without a pen” – Jay-Z

There are some very simple truths about me. 1. I am short. 2. I am Italian, very Italian. And 3. I LOVE HIP-HOP! If you know me, you know this. So, as I was listening to one of the all-time, most prolific rappers and lyricists, Jay-Z, I heard him say these profound words in his latest chart topper…

…I am the only writer to re-write history without a pen.

And while I will battle you for days on the talents of this man, I have to argue that at this moment I think we all have a bit of historian in us. We are all capable, through the amazing amount of tools at our fingertips to capture history in the making, or re-make history in the moment! IPhones, You Tube, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook, the list is endless. And might I add that none of us are using a pen.

What piece of history are you choosing to capture. Or even better what part of history is capturing your attention right now?

Dream big.