I Can’t Find Anything To Wear!!

I have the same problem everytime I go out for a special occasion…what to wear, what to wear?? I think my mind starts conversations, each side taking a different point of view – one side saying I should just wear that cute dress I wore to Uncle Jim’s wedding since nobody was there that I will be seeing at this particular event, while the other says, photos were taken; you must go out and buy a new dress! Well, unfortunately one side usually wins and that side is besties with my credit card.

Well I have discovered a new website, thanks to Copy Cat Chic, where you can literally rent a special occassion dress for a week at a time. You know that $500 dress you have had your eye on but never could afford to buy for your best friend’s wedding…well, stress no more!

Leave this blog (I’ll never tell you that again) and head on over to Wear Today Gone Tomorrow and see the dresses, tops, skirts and accessories they have in store for you!

Your credit card will thank you! And don’t forget how amazing you are going to look in that $1,000 Herve Leger dress (which you only paid $100 for)!!

And here are just a few of my favorites:

Continue to Elevate,