I Finally Baked It…and it was the best cake ever!!

I wrote about the rainbow cake back in April and swore I was going to make it almost every week…well, every week has led to finally backing it for the first time 5 months later for a best friend’s birthday. And let me tell you, everyone loved it! I’m even happy to report that someone brought a BEAUTIFUL cake from a local bakery with white chocolate pieces, chocolate covered strawberries and lady fingers but people ate the rainbow cake over the bakery cake…wow!

I struggled to decide if I wanted to do the 7-up style, weight watchers cake that Omnomicon talked about…but after comparing calories, Weight Watchers won…and that’s what made the cake soooo delicious!! The cake was very moist and vegan friendly (which I surprisingly have a lot of friends who live their lives that way!).

And yes, that is the tutorial from Omnomicon right on my counter for easy reference while backing! ๐Ÿ™‚
The only problem with this cake is that it makes a mess to bake, but I had a blast while doing it! I would recommend you run right out, buy that food coloring, 7 up and cake mix and bake your first rainbow cake!

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