I’m second guessing my experience as a planner!

No, really. Maybe I am just not good at this planning thing. The man, sitting two rows in front of me at LAX United Gate 72 A, is making me question everything I thought I knew about my abilities. Here’s why. As I sit, at 9:22 p.m., eating my entirely overpriced and incredibly bad for me McDonald’s chicken mcnuggets and French fries (yes French fries are my vice!) he sits with a fully packed lunch.

He has a sandwich. And this is not your grandmother’s pb&j either. This thing is on a baguette with all the trimmings and at least 3 different kinds of deli meats. Did I mention he has fresh cut strawberries and what looks like a home-made brownie for dessert? WTF?!
Why am I sitting in this airport clogging my arteries and getting fatter as we speak? Well, because I am on a red-eye flight to an event I am coordinating. That’s right. I am an event PLANNER. Someone pays me to PLAN! But here I sit with a pathetic excuse for a meal and this guy planned ahead to have a healthy meal and enjoy his “hurry-up-and-wait” down time at the gate.
Maybe I suck at my job. Or better yet, maybe I am just so brilliant at my job that I suck at taking care of myself. Too bad they never taught our generation anything about work-life balance.
Dream Big. Plan More!