In the beginning…

In the beginning, there were a couple young women who decided that one day they were going to each be Super Woman. They were going to do what they love and get paid to do it. They were going to work with their friends and they were going to have the fabulous job, the wonderful family and time to enjoy it all, too. They were going to live the dream.

Allow me to introduce you to M. & K. The women who are dedicated to Elevating Brilliance and finding balance. Im M., the oldest (but smallest) of the crew of 2, 20-somethings determined to get that “S” on our chest! We will be Super Women! We can have it all, right!? Follow us on this journey to see if we make it…or watch us fall from the sky as we try! And dont worry, K. (and of course our trusty sidekicks) will chime in too…they always do. 🙂

Dream Big.