Its Black, Its White.

Believe it or not this is not a reference to our new President or even to the classic MJ hit. This is my shout out to all event planners, florists, designers and you, those of you planning a party to stop thinking in terms of black and white. Or red and white, or brown and pink.

Stop thinking you need to have a nuetral and one bold color when choosing your layout and think about hues or shades of a color. It keeps your design motiff interesting, elegant soft and subtle.

And this does not have to apply to just the decor. How about actually making your brides maides look good! Don’t put them in a shade that makes it painful for us to look at them. Flatter their appearance and you flatter your own and your pictures for years to come. (Yes, its selfish, but come on it is YOUR big day and trust me they will thank you too!)

Next time you have to make that big decision between eggplant or lavendar, dont! Choose all the shades in between! What’s your favorite color, layout or shades there about?

Dream Big (and in color).