Its going to be a Bright, Sunshiney Day!

I don’t do weather. I mean this, literally (say out loud like Rachel Zoe, for full effect!). I dont own a raincoat (or anything else that is waterproof, besides a bathing suit). I dont own an umbrella, don’t know where to even get one. In fact, I have never replaced the windshield wipers on my car, much to the annoyance of my BF.

So, someone please explain to me why it will not stop raining in my perfectly sunny, no weather EVER forcasted for, Southern California climate?

But, do not fear, I predict today will be Sunny with a chance of Adorable (and affordable) with this awesome yellow striped trench from none-other-than…TARGET!

Or this amazing edgy yellow trench from Calvin Klein available at Nordstrom for $99!

Loves it!

Dream Big (and of Sun!)