It’s The Difference Between Smiles and Tears

I’m often asked why a couple should hire a planner. To me, that’s similar to asking why you should hire a DJ, Florist, Caterer, etc…it’s part of what is going to make your wedding day go off without a hitch. For many, it’s the last thing they think about and the last person they want to hire.

In my experience, I have heard a few reasons why someone isn’t going to hire a coordinator:

  1. My mom, sister, aunt, etc. will take care of everything!
  2. That’s why I have a bridal party of 10….delegate responsibility!
  3. A coordinator comes with the venue.
  4. I can’t afford it.

Although I completely understand a coordinator is an added expense, to me it’s similar to buying insurance…what are you going to do if there is an accident or if something breaks? You’re going to fall back on that insurance!
I was hired for a wedding a few weeks back and as I was leaving, the mom said, “I’m so grateful you were here. I told (insert bride’s name here) we didn’t need you and fought about you coming, but we NEEDED you!” I completely understood what she meant, and although I had spent the majority of the day running around trying to pick up the pieces to make sure nothing fell apart, I was glad I was there to do that instead of hearing about what had happened after the fact.
You see, there is a huge difference between your mom being there to implement all your plans and being able to put a new plan in place when something goes wrong within 30 seconds. It’s the times when plan A needs a backup that the investment of a coordinator truly pays off. I value my experiences planning weddings, corporate events and family affairs because every event has taught me a new lesson I can implement at my next event…how is your sister supposed to find a plan B if she has no idea what the options are, while also trying to walk down the aisle as your maid of honor?
And then there is always the on-site coordinator that is “dedicated” to your event. Now don’t get me wrong, some on-site coordinators are fantastic, and when their job allows them, they are just as valuable as a day of planner…but keep in mind, they work for the venue, they are the contact for the venue and when it comes down to it, they have the back of the venue. What happens when the photographer you hired calls in sick at the last moment? Or when the bustle on your dress won’t hold? Or when the DJ forgets the song you have been waiting your whole life to dance to with your dad? Better yet, who is going to be there for you when you are just about to walk down the aisle and need a person you trust in to reassure you of what you’re about to do? It’s the little things, the personal things, and the emergency things that a wedding planner brings to the table that a venue’s on-site coordinator can’t do – not that they physically can’t do it, but they have to support the venue 1st and foremost…it’s their job. Oh yes, and not to mention the responsibility of being the “contact” for the 30 other weddings they have planned for the year….
Now I’m not saying all of this so you hire Intertwined Events, although of course we would love that, but I’m saying it because we got into the business to be there to experience this magical moment of our couple’s lives coming together…it’s a once in a lifetime day and the memories you have from it will be with you forever. We want them to be the best memories filled with laughter, family moments and love…not of you trying to figure out what to do with a cake that fell over in the back of the van.
Think about the money, time and energy that you spent planning your big day….is it worth the risk for a mistake to happen in order to save a small percentage of the budget?
Continue to Elevate,
Photo by Brittany Rene Photography