Keep it Simple.

I know, I know its a broken record topic. Simplify your life, simplify your process and everything will get better. But stop, for just two seconds, and really think about the idea of keeping things simple. We let relationships, work, our goals even our tools to manage all these things get over-complicated. In a generation that values BLING, where your worth is based on just how much STUFF you have, it is easy to get caught up and get lost in the mess of managing it.

But what if we really just, KEPT IT SIMPLE!

Do we really need 10 social media accounts or would focusing our energies on one or two be just as, if not more, successful. Do we need 100 apps for IPhone or now (go Verizon!) our Storm. Do we need three different email accounts to manage? Ladies, do we need four similar black handbags and gentlemen, really, 3 pairs of the almost same white sneakers. And in this economy is more really better? What can we do without, and then I wonder how much better would we function without it all the noise and distractions to navigate?

I once had a truly dynamic boss that in the middle of a meeting would shout “TOPIC!” at me. It was awesome. One simple word would remind me to cut the clutter, stay focused and get back to what really mattered. Keep it simple.

Ok stick with me as I stand on my soap box for just a couple more sentences. Could we be on the verge of no, I am not going to say something cheesy like a revolution or change, but something more along the lines of REALIZATION. Could we be realizing that simple is better. Simple is success. Could we be realizing that our priorities could and should change? If so, how?

Keep your eye on the prize, know what you do and focus on doing it well. But always…

…Dream Big.