Ok in this case its actually Meatballs. 200 of them to be exact. Ma…MEATBALLS! Yah, no joke its time for Italian Christmas. What is Italian Christmas you ask. It is that glorious Sunday before Christmas when every member of our family and the concigliore (those we allowed into the family) join us for a ton of food, gallons of wine and really, really loud (read: passionate) conversations.

We cook for days before, everything from scratch. Eggplant Parmesan. Two types of ravioli. Rigatoni. Grilled Sausage. Rolls. Garlic Olive Antipasto. Salad. Cannoli. (Take the gun…leave the cannoli) And of course MEATBALLS!
I know, your mouth is watering and you are wondering how you get your invite to the famous Italian Christmas. Trust me you have to earn this invite. There are dues to be paid, trust to be earned and of course you have to know the Don. But once you are in, you are in!

Think you should be in (Intertwined that is!)? Tell us why? Best responses will get shout outs and links in the next blog and may just earn a seat at the table next year.


Dream (and eat) Big.