Meal of Champions.

The meal of champions is a as simple as a Diet Coke/Pepsi (there is no need to get into a brand war here) and a Sugar Free (duh, I’m working on my girlish figure) Chocolate Pudding Snack. I mean really, is there a better meal?

Well, of course the answer to that question is YES. There are incredible steak dinners from high-end restaurants (insert name of favorite restaurant here) ooh or Sushi and Saki with your favorite group of rowdy yet still always stylish friends.
But I mean really when we are talking on the go and on a budget and you are in the zone trying to get a million things done and can’t waste a minute for a pesky little thing like eating; nothing is more fulfilling than some guiltless caffeine and a chocolate fix. Event planners and PR pros everywhere take note. The next time you are working the red carpet with your client or cramming to hit that deadline be sure you have that can and snack pack with you! It’s a life saver.
Dream Big.