Memorable Monday ~ Engagement Session to Melt Your Heart

I’ve been thinking about different ways to improve our blog and make the experience of reading more enjoyable. Looking at all the blogs I’m literally addicted to, I realized they have certain “features” or segments I wait for such as Cupcake Monday, Frosting Friday, etc.

Well, Memorable Monday is our new feature and I can’t to incorporate it into our blog! There are pictures that when you first see them, they speak to you – whether it’s the way the photographer took the picture, the picture in the people, or the beauty of nature, something sparks and you are instantly drawn to it. Memorable Monday will capture all those photos which have had that spark, in my eyes, and hopefully inspire and motivate you to elevate your brilliance!

This picture is perfect – I’m definitely drawn to the subtle color palette and the “anthropologie” vibe it gives off! And the story behind the engagement is great – you can definitely tell the soon to be groom put a lot of love, thought and time into this once in a lifetime moment!

Source: Ruffled Blog

Photographer: Tyler Branch

Continue to Elevate,