Memorable Monday: Hearing Stories Through My Grandma’s Eyes

My College Graduation Party – 2007

Growing up you always look at your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family members differently. They aren’t people; they are adults. Then, one day it finally clicks and you realize they were just like you at some point. They are human, they make mistakes, they have stories, their personalities are hilarious and they just aren’t your parents or family members that are there to take care of you and tell you what to do. From this point forward, you realize you are lucky to have them in your life and you try to find out everything you can about them.

I still remember taking my grandma off this pedestal I had her on and hearing her say “bad words” and tell stories about her childhood and growing up for the first time. It was such an experience to relate to her; I grew up a lot that day.

Yesterday, Easter Sunday, I drove down to San Diego to pick up my Nana and bring her to my dad’s house in Orange County. We did a lot of driving together yesterday. More importantly, we did a lot of talking. My Nana has always had a fascination with the Royal family; she absolutely LOVED Princess Diana and I still remember my mom telling me that Nana was crying hysterically when she passed away. With all the talk of the upcoming Royal Wedding, we spent a whole hour discussing what it was going to be like, which then led to a discussion of my Nana’s floral business.

For 15 years my Nana helped support her family by running a floral business out of her garage. She helped make people’s dreams become so real with her flowers. My mom and aunt’s weddings were all done by my Nana and from the photos I have seen, she knew what she was doing!

I got the opportunity to talk to my Nana about all the things that go through my head these days: pricing, marketing, how to gain a new client, etc. It was so fascinating hearing she went through the same struggles and triumphs years and years ago with her business. I also felt lucky to know I had inherited some of her genes and fell in love with the wedding industry at a young age; moving on, I will now always thank her for starting within me this passion for weddings.

I will never forget yesterday’s conversations with her. At 87 years old, who knows how much time I have left with my Nana. What I do know is I will value every minute I spend with her and continue to ask her all the questions about what her life was like in the past; she is a wealth of information and I feel blessed to be her granddaughter.

Continue To Elevate,