Memorable Monday: Oscar Edition!

I loved watching the red carpet shows from the Oscars Sunday night – the dresses, jewels, hair, makeup and accessories always pull me in! I always want to see who is wearing what and how it’s going to inspire the trends for the rest of the year. Oddly enough, I wasn’t a fan of a lot of the style I saw on the runway this year. RUFFLES, pleats and texture…there was a lot of it, almost to the point of being too much. With the bad always comes GREAT and those who did it, did it with a bang this year!

My favorite dress, although it won’t be a favorite for everyone, goes to Rachel McAdams. I loved the detail of the print, but the simplicity of the shape. She looked fantastic and I would die to wear this dress. I think a bridesmaids dress could be inspired by this piece (without such a full skirt) and would look fantastic for a spring wedding…Yes, I think so!

Anna Kendrick’s over all style was stunning – her hair is romantic, the natural makeup is very appealing and the color of her dress is perfect with her skin. The color would also be great for a bridesmaid dress – it’s feminine and elegant without being too pink!

Elizabeth Bank’s jewelry was very bridal – change her dress into a wedding dress and you have yourself a beautiful bride. I loved the sparkly headband with matching earrings; they are perfect accessories that make her look.

And of course, how can I forget Sandra Bullock? She looked stunning. I so appreciated the simplicity of her hair and think it’s the perfect look for your big day. It looks done and sophisticated, but not like she is trying too hard. She couldn’t have looked better for her big win!

The oscars didn’t let me down and I know there will be a lot of style inspiration taken from last night’s event and implemented into the bridal world – I can’t wait to see it all come to life.

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(Pictures from FabSugar)