Memorable Monday: Styling Your Engagement Shoot

Engagementshoots have been taken to a whole different level. So many couples are including props, florals, staged scenes…anything and everything that make the pictures fit their personality and character. I LOVE when couples take the timeand put work into setting the scene! Not only does it allow the shoot to become more unique, but it will be great for them and their future families to look back on and see what was important to them at that period in their lives.

When styling your shoot, think of things that inspire you as a couple, define you or have helped you to get to the place you are today in your relationship. Whether it’s baseball jerseys from your favorite team, incorporating your favorite board game, playing around with a set of golf clubs or adding flair with a custom banner, try to keep it simple, but above all else, keep it you.
Many different coordinators, florists and designers are all offering styling of engagement shoots as an additionalservice they offer. If you are interested in styling your shoot, contact us today for recommendations in your area!
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