Memorable Monday: Vintage, Modern, Chic Wedding…Yes, all of those!

I’ve heard about Green Wedding Shoes for awhile, but never ventured over – that is until the other day. I instantly regretted every moment I skipped over this blog!

The first wedding is what sparked my Memorable Monday moment – not only am I in like with all of the bridesmaid’s jewelery (each with a different, and unique piece), but I love the photography, the bride’s look for the day and the happiness that literally radiates out of their pictures.

But wait, there is more…the video their videographer,Matthew Forey, put together. They had a great idea of taking the footage from them getting ready, their ceremony and first part of the reception and showing it towards the end of the wedding…what a great way for everyone to see the “behind the scenes”.

Watch the video…you won’t be sorry! And then hop on over to Green Wedding Shoesand see and hear all the details from the bride herself!

Continue to Elevate,