Mosaic Maker…Creating an Idea Board Within Minutes

Unfortunately I don’t have Adobe Photoshop Suite and all it’s creative programs I would one day love to have and master. With that, I am always looking for a great site to create my own idea boards. Today, I came across Mosaic Maker – and for the most part, I love it. It’s very easy to use, provides you with a few different options for the design and once finished, even gives you the option to credit the photos (ALWAYS important!).

I needed to create an Idea Board for a client and after finding Mosaic Maker, decided I would go ahead and use that one…we were looking for fall colors, we knew the venue, and we knew that nature needed to be a large part of it….

There were too many details we came up with to include on this blog post, but I definitely wanted to approve the use of Mosaic Maker…try it today!

Anyone use another program for idea boars? I would love to hear your favs.

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1. The bridesmaids. 4365, 2. Duffy London Crystal Chandelier on Gray Wall Light, 3. When the bride comes…., 4. nixon library and birthplace reflecting pool, 5. Joe and Conner’s Candle only Wedding Centerpieces, 6. Sunwheel, 7. “Our Love” with brown satin ribbon – for Karen and Bobby 11/10/07, 8. Flowered arch, 9. leaves and flower on grass!