My Big Dream…

Every post I write I end with encouraging you to Dream Big! I mean it too! I think the greatest thing we can all do is live the biggest life we can imagine for ourselves – Do the very most we can cram into a day, week, year – lifetime!! I am all for reaching for the stars…no matter how high or out of reach it may seem. And, I promised you a few months ago (wow, sorry it has taken me so long) that I would share with you my Big Dream. Well…here it is –

I am finally starting to live the dreamright this very moment by telling you that I quit my very secure and really quite wonderful day job to run Intertwined full-time. That’s right…I am a full-fledged, head-first into the deep end, no training wheels attached, no safety net included self-employed business owner of one quite amazing event planning company (if I do say so myself!) I have never been so happy and terrified all in the same breath.

There is one very real truth that I have come to discover during this process. I have a crazy work ethic. I mean borderline, psychotic. I don’t know how to say no or enough or that’s all I am getting paid for so…Nope, I will go far, far beyond the call of duty to exceed all expectations. And, I have not always been in places where that has been, or could be, appreciated. But, when you work for yourself you reap 100% of the reward for all of your sacrifices and efforts and so do our clients! I LOVE THAT!

I also love that I can determine just what success looks like and feels like for any given moment. There are small wins every day that keep me reaching ever closer toward that Big Dream. And those wins mean everything right now!

My big dream – to own and operate a major event planning company in Southern California with an incredible business partner (Yah, thats you K.!) and work with creative, innovative, stylish and classy professionals to create exquisite events for our clients! – and nowits just on the horizon, within reach!

What’s yours?

Dream Big!