My Dream Party…or House!

There are times when I read BizBash emails and I wonder what was that designer thinking. Well, when I saw this picture, I knew exactly what they were thinking…and I LOVED IT! This picture was taken by Line 8 Photography and is the wrap up for Barbie’s 50th Birthday, which was on March 9th. Just look at the photo – the pillows, the print of the chair, the pictures of all her friends…Kudos to the designer of this party, Mr. Jonathan Adler. I can only hope to work with him one day!! You can read all about it here.

When I was a young girl, I loved Barbie. And I don’t just mean loved Barbie, I mean I LOVED her. The Malibu Mansion, the porsche with the lights that turned on, her thousands of outfits, all her friends and of course her cute boyfriend, Ken. She is such a part of my childhood, and I think many girls for that matter.

I just had to dedicate a post to Barbie – she is a true icon and she deserves an amazing 50th Birthday Party like this one!!

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