If someone where to ask me who I aspire to be like in the wedding industry, it would absolutely be Mindy Weiss – she is just brilliant. And if someone were to ask me the same thing about the event industry, hands down goes to Oprah’s right hand man, Colin Cowie. He is fantastic! Not only did he design Barbie’s birthday party this year, but he is the person Oprah always calls for all her big events.

Well, now you can call him too! The thing that makes him amazing is his vision – maybe he won’t be able to give you as much attention or spend as much time with you like we would, but he would think of a pretty table top for you.

Colin Cowie Flowers is his new business and they specialize in:
• Bouquets & Boutonnières
• Ceremony Flowers
• Reception Centerpieces
• Bar & Buffet Arrangements
‚Ä¢ Cake Table Décor

All starting at a minimal $10,000.00. Yes, to design your table for your wedding it’s going to cost $10,000…I guess that’s what it costs to get a design consultation from Oprah’s planner these days!
For now, I will continue to praise his work, plan our clients events with his inspirations, and try to be someone else’s inspiration.
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