Need a unique wedding venue? Try an Estate Wedding!

One of my fabulous new wedding clients has been searching for a new venue for some time new…after checking out all hotel venues within San Diego, and finally picking her dream location, the venue has to be changed. Due to some unfortunate circumstances with a San Diego property, we are now changing our directions to an Estate Wedding.

This is my first opportunity to work on the procurement of an Estate Wedding and it has been a great experience thus far. There are so many options out there and some have amenities that are unlike anything else.

Picture yourself pulling up to a beautiful ocean side estate where the valet awaits you…you walk into a foyer with beautiful decor and are escorted to the ceremony site where you are surrounded by a backyard for the stars. Once the bride makes her way down the unique and beautiful aisle, the couple say “I do” and you are then introduced to the remaining rooms within the property. There are rooms upon rooms to play games, drink and mingle, taste delicious gourmet food (made in the chef’s kitchen by the private chef and his crew), and wonder about the property imagining it can one day be yours. The poolside dinner is unbelievable; candles float throughout the pool, the sound of the fountain assures you of the beautiful night ahead, and the stars above set a scene from the movies…

Yes, an Estate wedding is a new and upcoming trend, and after doing my research, I completely understand why…forget the ballrooms, pattered carpet and mass produced chandeliers and take in the stars and sites on your exclusive property.

Continue to Elevate,