New Fave Blog Alert: The Princeples of Dating!

We focus so much on the BIG DAY we often forget all the other days that led this to this moment. All the awful first dates, bad set-ups, broken hearts and horror stories can now be laughed at as you have the love of your life. And really, its hilarious whether you are single, dating, engaged or happily married for years to think about the guy with comb-over or the tortured musician you just swore you could inspire to greatness!

The honest and downright comical-because-its-true dialogue happening over at The Princeples of Dating should not be missed. Author, Matt Prince, gives it to us straight up, no chaser with post like “Cougar Hunting Season” and “Booty-Call to Boyfriend” and “Valentine’s Day Sucks.” (You love him already, right?!) Ladies, if you thought “He’s Just Not That Into You” was a revelation, then be prepared to be enlightened!

Matt, (pictured above) we could not adore nor appreciate the breath of fresh air that is your blog more and do hope that as you help singles find their true love…you send them our way! (Yes, that was a shameless plug in an attempt to be as real as you! Let me know how I am doing!)

Dream Big.