New Series: Tales of a Bridesmaid

July 2011 seems far enough away. The return of New Kids On the Block and Backstreet Boys tour, Nordstrom’s coveted Anniversary Sale, summer trips to Las Vegas, the list goes on but instead of crying over Nick Carter, I’ll be shedding happy tears for my best friend. Instead of purchasing fall’s hottest fashions, I’ll be investing in a bridesmaid’s dress. And that trip to Vegas? Let’s do it in June instead for the bachelorette party.

Yes my friends, I am once again embarking on the journey that many single girls know as the “Bridesmaid”. While I’m not green to the world of flower arrangements, champagne toasts, and bouquet tosses, I am by no means a veteran either. I am no where near the status of 27 dresses and luckily my friends are generous enough to spread their engagements out over several years. However, I will faithfully don the matching (or not matching) uniform and be there to hold up part of a dress when the bride needs to take a bathroom break on her special day.

Follow me over the next 8 months as I share with you my stories of being a bridesmaid. The MOH (Maid of Honor) is awesome and I look forward to every joyous moment of planning with her. As for the other two bridesmaids, one was my college roommate and the other considers herself a proud Auntie to my 6lb crazy ball of fur named Butters. Good memories will be made in the upcoming months.

Until next week my friends…