Ode to Bubbly!

Oh the perfect drink. The occasion, always a celebration! Morning, noon or night – this fabulous drink is always just right! All by itself or with some flavor, you will never save this drink for later! Oh how we love bubbly!

(J. this post is for you!)

Now, before you think that I am a complete lush, please allow me to explain. As I get older (please feel free to insert polite laughter and comments about how I couldn’t possibly be a day over 22!) but seriously, as I get older drinking does not come with the ease of my college days.

So as the holiday parties and festivities approach use one has to be careful not to partake in too much of the…well, lets call them “festivities!” And, god forbid we should mix liquor with wine (I believe there is some saying that went with this but it has escaped me…my memory must be going now too!)

Therefore, the perfect drink where one always looks classy, under control and perfectly, dare I say bubbly, is champagne!

You can drink in the morning with juice and you are viewed as a lady who brunches (never a bad thing!), afternoon is just fine as a spritzer and at night, well let the party begin!

I know that the “IN” fad of the moment is to have a signature drink at your function matched to the décor, theme, or let’s face it, the alcohol sponsor of the night. But may I suggest to bypass the extra work and stick to a tried and true classic that will go with anything and never be out of style – Champagne!

Dream Big. (Big Bubbles!)

PS: Did you know the color for 2009 was Mimosa! (Im just saying!)