One of The Best Fall Fashion Trends…Leggings (& Headbands)

K. and I often pass along our latest fab finds and this product plug is no different except that not only do I absolutely love the products I love the designer. I had the opportunity to meet her personally. In fact, I am not sure what came first…if liking the designer so much made me like the product or vice versa.

But, like every good love story this one was love at first site (with the product of course). I was at the Action Sporting Retail (ASR) convention in San Diego a few weeks ago. For those of you unfamiliar with the action sporting world, allow me to set this scene. Please picture surf, skate, snow, neon colors, loud music and energy drinks and while this is not the “old boys club” it sure is the new boys’ one. The only girls you see are barely 18, barely eating, half-dressed, over-volumized (I will let you infer where) femme fatals fondly known as the promo girls. (Yes, truth be told, I would kill to look like them but would probably never be caught dead dressed like them.)

Alas, day three on the floor of this den of X-games Babylon and a breath of fresh-air…we meet the lovely lady behind Violet Love, Rebecca Michaels. She designs the most retro-chic headbands, leggings and other legwear you have seen and in the most luxurious fabrics you have ever felt. Delicious to sight and touch.

And Rebecca’s bubbly, fresh personality backs up her fun and vintage designs so much so you can almost picture her snapping pictures of flowers or beads somewhere in Fiji, or heck, even Abbot Kinney, as her muse.

We exchanged business cards, favorite shopping stops and famers’ markets as we discovered we lived in the same area. She even gave me a pair of the most incredible paisley print mixed fish net knee-highs that I must build an entire outfit around they are that unique. I don’t even know if I am trendy enough to pull them off. It will be fun trying!

Check out her great headbands too. They even have different fabrics, eco-friendly, and some for working out that are non-slip and dry-fit. Loves it.

Do you feel the love?

Dream Big. Love Big.