Only Energy Can Produce Energy

I stumbled upon a blog today about work life balance and what peope in the meetings industry do to actually have such a thing. From prayer, to fasting, to hiking or running a marathon, people go to the ends of the world to let their minds wander and have some down time. But where you do make time for these “refreshing” activities in the midst of working, family, eating and sleeping…do you cut the eating time down first?

Wherever you might make the time, it’s worth it…the phrase “only energy can produce energy” is so true. Although it hurts me to get out of bed at 6 AM to hit the gym before the day begins, I motivate myself by thinking how much more energy I’m going to have by the end of the day! I feel refreshed, healthy and ready to go after a long run in the morning! More than just feeling good, I do good – I get more done, I get more out of the day and I can avoid the urge for an afternoon nap…it’s like I’m the energizer bunny!

What’s your go to “refresher”? What makes you inspired, gives you a chance to think and also keeps you healthy…whether it’s fasting, yoga, a long nature hike or a quick shopping spree, make sure you take time for yourself.

Like I said, it hurts to get up in the morning and get moving, but once I’m done and my shoes have added those extra miles to them, it’s so worth it! And think about it…the stats show many of the Fortune 500 CEOs run or go to the gym on a daily basis and then number is staggering…if I want to become big time, I gotta run big time…And off to the running trail I go!

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