Party Décor Takes on the Powder Room

When hosting a house party don’t forget about decorating the bathroom. It is sure to be seen and used so why not bring a touch of the party into the abode. A simple arrangement on the counter, colored hand towels and soaps and fun removable tile decals – really I swear – they make them.

“They” would be Mibo Tile Tatoos available at at 6 for $18 you can bring the party in to the potty room and make sure that no matter where your guests are they will truly know you thought of everything! (Could work in the kitchen too or in the pool, anywhere you have tiles!) A fun decorative project for the kids could be in store this summer and the best part, you can always take it down – no harm, no foul.

Where and how would you use removable tile decals? Or would you? Is this like window decals where they might make an appearance at a holiday if you have small children but otherwise would be considered tacky or taboo? We want your thoughts!

Dream Big.